Welcome to Our School

Principal : Mrs.Selvanayaki

Beloved Parents,

        Greetings to you all.

       Having been part of a man making mission (Education) for over a period of 36 years, having seen three generations of societal values and growth, I have  the pleasure to reach you to translate my experience, expertise and the future needs using the latest technologies through a brand new institution par excellence in the take off stage.

you can be rest assured of quality ,value,discipline and knowledge at my school which I deem it a privilege to animate with committed faculty for you and your children.

I certainly do not believe in the mark making machines (Children), But they shall be, would be Worthy  Customized Liberated Individuals who can lead the millions, proud of themselves, proud of the society and the country at large.

You are most welcome to ANUGRAGHA INTERNATIONAL SCHOOL to relish a new era of education

Yours at service,