Class Rooms
The academic buildings has spacious classrooms and multimedia rooms which have been specially designed to facilitate discussions and debates.  The specially deigned classrooms are equipped with the audio visual aids & internet connectivity to enhance group discussions and learning.  Our classrooms provide the right environment for the faculty to give the students a hands-on experience and the right ambiance for the students to stimulate their learning.  The designing of these classrooms have been done to facilitate teachers in making the class rooms collaborative, interactive and interesting.

The standards involved in designing of the classrooms ensure:

  • Spatial lay-out
  •  Maximizing the teacher’s ability to see and be seen by all his or her students
  • Ease of movement throughout the classrooms
  • Minimized distractions so that students are best able to actively engage in academics
  • Each student and the teacher with his or her own personal space
  • Each student can see presentations and materials posted in the classrooms
  • Clearly defined spaces within the classrooms that are used for different purposes and
  • That ensure students know how to behave in each of these areas
  • Facilitation of social exchanges among students
  • Strategic placement of students with special needs or behavior problems