The origin of word Silambam is meant to be 2. One is that Silam means that “up on the hill” then Bam means that “bamboo stick”. the opposite is that rhetorical device of distinguished swinging stick sound in Tamil language.

Anyway, Silambam is that the stick martial technique practiced in Madras States, generally fashionable among locals. usually it uses a form of versatile cane, however while not oil swing on that.

The history are going to be copied back to the Sangam age. Originally it absolutely was a composite martial arts kind embody the technique of metal assemblage and empty hand technique same as Kalarippayattu, however solely Long stick technique is dominant and enough developed currently.

In the colonial amount beneath United Kingdom of Great Britain and Northern Ireland, it absolutely was strictly prohibited to follow, and suppressed. however once Independence, it’s been popularized among young generation along side public faculty education.

Apart from severe martial arts, stick is incredibly common and helpful in lifestyle for defense against wild animal, poison snake, and thief, etc. then very common in use at native village and mountain space. Even now, you’ll establish several “ex-masters” everyplace in rural .area of India.

Notable purpose of Silambam is that the contributions of Muslim individuals. there’s several

special term derived from Arabic word. this can be the most important distinction with northern

style Kalarippayattu, within which Hindu is majority.

Silambam may be classified in 3 section.

1.Sports Silambam

The modern Silambam was popularized primarily as a sports education for college students, therefore this class has been extremely promoted among young youngsters recently. the sport is vie within circle court on the bottom, and rules for bodily safety is incredibly strict, as simply taking purpose by simply touching opponent instead of beat it hardly. it’s like Ken-do in Japan, however less like martial arts than game play. With the name of Stick Fencing, individuals is making an attempt to form it as a Olympic games, then population and region of enjoying Silambam area unit increasing very {little} by little currently.

2.Show Silambam

Mainly performed with colourful ribbon and ring for native festivals and events. particularly hearth Silambam performed within the night companied by ethnic drum beat is absolutely fascinating, virtually feels like a circus diversion, invite you into the states of trance.

3.War Silambam

This is the first feature of martial arts Silambam. From basic manipulation of the stick, offence and defense sequence with partner, along side advanced protection and throwing technique.

The variation of stick rotating technique of Silambam is most dominant.

In geographic area of Tamil, borderline of Silambam and Southern vogue Kalarippayatu become terribly imprecise.