Table tennis
Table lawn tennis, additionally referred to as ping malodor, may be a sport within which 2 or four players hit a light-weight ball back and forth across a table employing a little bat. the sport takes place on a tough table divided by a internet. aside from the initial serve, the principles ar usually as follows: players should permit a ball vie toward them to bounce just one occasion on their facet of the table, and should come it so it bounces on the alternative facet a minimum of once. some extent is scored once a player fails to come the ball at intervals the principles. Play is quick and demands fast reactions. Spinning the ball alters its mechanical phenomenon associate degreed limits an opponent’s choices, giving the hitter an excellent advantage.

Table tennis is ruled by the worldwide organization International table game Federation (ITTF), based in 1926. ITTF presently includes 220 member associations.[3] The table game official rules ar per the ITTF book of facts.[4] table game has been associate degree Olympic sport since 1988,[5] with many event classes. From 1988 till 2004, these were convenience singles, women’s singles, convenience doubles and women’s doubles. Since 2008, a team event has been vie rather than the doubles.